What is the 1% better concept?

There are two ways to practice focusing on the 1% better concept. First, by reflecting on your progress you are provided with a means of appreciating steady, small BUT important improvements/steps in the right direction. Through this practice, you are able to build motivation and gratitude for your dedication to this journey. You ask yourself, “What was my 1% better today?” or “In what way did I improve or make progress in my transformation journey?” We call this the reflective part of being 1% better.

Secondly, by setting an intention each day to improve by 1%, you are given an opportunity to experience easy wins with laser-focus rather than getting overwhelmed. You ask yourself, “How can I make today 1% better than yesterday?” or “What will my 1% better be today?” We call this the intentional part of being 1% better. All together, the 1% better concept is a tool that helps you keep moving in a forward direction.

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