Why do I get headaches when I juice fast? What can I do to relieve them?

As you come of sugar and caffeine, your body may respond to the caloric deficit and detoxification efforts with a lingering headache. Two ways to relieve these headaches are to increase your water consumption, making sure that you get 80 to 100+ ounces of water each day, and making sure you get supplementation like omega 3’s and magnesium.

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    Unfortunately I did all of the above & it still triggered my migraines. I am disappointed I couldn't go through with the 5 day detox but want to know what I can do so I get the full benefits of the Organifi Green Juice.

    I follow a high protein, low carb diet with lots of water & have for 7 years now so without the 5 day detox will I still get good results as if I had done it??

    Would you recommend a bath in Magnesium Flakes daily for 2 -3 days as a good enough detox ?? Also would do the spray on version daily.

    Keen to know because I will do anything to get the great results & get a healthy body rid of muffin tummy, IBS, Gut issues & stress & one of the most important reduction in my migraines.

    Just cannot detox I am in agony with the migraine if I do which defeats the whole purpose cannot cope with that incredible pain to push through it so if you can come up with an effective alternative I would be eternally grateful :)

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    Stephanie Shin

    I hear eating lots of high calorie fruits, especially tropical fruits, is great! If you can get your hands on good quality fruit that is. They terrible these days :(

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