Benefits of Juicing


Juicing removes most of the fiber, allowing the body to absorb ON IMPACT; the nutrition, energy, & healing benefits of the veggies being juiced - ALL at once as opposed to little bits here & there as the body slowly breaks down the fiber. Because these nutrients are available all at once & instantly is the reason we focus on JUICING veggies & only adding fruit to taste. This also is amazing & healing for people who aren't in the best health as it requires little energy to process it in order to reap the benefits.

Today we focus too much on MACROnutrients (Fat, Protein, Carbs) & not so much on MICROnutrients, which is what we're all deficient in; These cause cravings, digestive issues, headaches, inflammation, & so many other health concerns. Juicing is an amazing, broad spectrum, natural, real food way to address this!

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