Organifi Complete Protein FAQ's

Flavors: Chocolate and Vanilla


Sweeteners:  it contains Organic enzyme treated stevia (untreated stevia can be a gut flora disruptor) & Monk Fruit!!


Use this as replacement of meals? Yes! You can use it anytime you'd use a protein powder, & additionally, it is so complete nutritionally, you can replace a meal with it!! You can also use 1 scoop as a snack.


How do you feel about intermittent fasting?  It is a great thing to do when well planned out!


What types of protein is in the protein mix ? Hemp, quinoa, & pea protein!


Dosing for kids? Probably 1 scoop! 20 grams of protein per 2 scoops, depending on their nutritional & caloric needs.

Safe for pregnant women? Absolutely!!! Full of plant based protein & carbs, healthy fats & MCT’s for baby’s development! Great way to get enough protein for 2 :)


How many carbs are in the protein powder? - 11g total - 10 net carbs (total grams minus grams of fiber)


Smell: Complete Protein smells amazing, even when you just open it... like chocolate... or vanilla cupcakes! Haha! So good!

If mixed with Organifi Green Juice: YES! SOOO good! Mixed with the chocolate protein it tastes like an andes mint.... with the vanilla, like mint chip ice cream. Amazing.

Is it sugar and/or sugar alcohol free? It does not have any type of added sugar, but does contain 6g naturally occurring from the Vitamin & Mineral (Fruit & Veggie) blend.

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