Prop 65 - Warning on Label

The Prop 65 statement is required by law (in Cali where we're from) to contain that warning if the product has anything from the earth or ground as it could contain very trace amounts of metals.


Organifi is also Certified USDA Organic - which requires passing strict testing for heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, phthalates, plastics, & many other chemicals commonly found in the crops soils & in turn the finished products. Our crops are routinely tested as well as every single batch of finished product to maintain our Organic Seal!!

The warning scares & confuses a lot of people, unfortunately it is law & in a way is great because it makes people dig deeper into & learn about what they're putting into their bodies, wearing on their skin & using in their homes. The prop 65 warning is on everything in California, even an unbleached organic cotton t shirt, light bulbs of all types, or a box of certified organic lemons as they grew on a tree that gets its nutrients from the ground/earth.


Feel free to visit the following website for more in depth information.

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